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Aboriginal Australia A-Z

Aboriginal Australia A-Z

Aboriginal Indegenous Australian educational resource with cultural topics on the Indigenous People of Australia, with classroom activities including, arts, crafts, traditional drawings, colouring in, crosswords, word searches and Aboriginal dreamtime stories on audio(mp3).

  • a cultural and language resource for all Australian students
  • see under FREE tab extensive teachers lesson plans, background cultural information and notes on the authors 
  • 36 TOPICS grouped in 12 units for purchasing purposes only. Teachers - you can re-mix all topics to suit your lesson plans.
  • topics include at least one for each of the 26 single sounds in English for flash card use in junior primary.
  • each topic has coloured picture, outline picture, student or teacher information notes and classroom and individual activities
  • 13 Dreaming stories on audio (mp3) distributed through the 12 units

Produced by Peter Leyden Publishing, these resources include:

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