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Music & Drama

Music & Drama
  • Our best-selling Music, Mime and Movement (3M) audio resource -  in 16 individual lessons for junior and pre-primary students
  • Percussion Band scores and music in several sets - all for individual lesson download.
  • Creative Fairy Tales  - audio resource in 8 individual lessons for junior and middle Primary students
  • Folk Dances to learn - in 8 individual lessons for all primary students

Sub Categories

Music Mime & Movement - called 3M


  • this popular resource Music Mime and Movement (3M for short) has 16 individual lessons on audio (mp3). Suitable lower and middle primary, even preschool.  Each lesson uses different styles of music for pupils to hear and learn to recognise, plus a creative theme to act out. See details in each lesson unit.
  • Under the FREE RESOURCES tab we offer a sample of the audio, demonstrating that we only use an Australian voice. You can either listen online or download a copy.  Also a free copy of the complete teacher's handbook to help with lesson plans.
Creative Fairy Tales


8 well known fairy tales re-told in a simplified version for primary age students with a combination of songs, original music and extracts from classical and traditional folk tunes.

Each fairy tale has 3 sections on separate audio(mp3) files. Each might be one lesson or several

  • The 1st audio file starts with warm up and listening music, followed by an edited version of the story, mixed with music and songs.
  • The 2nd audio file has the pupils acting out the story with the narrator guiding them, practicing some of the different characters and songs in the story.
  • The 3rd audio file has a performance version of the tale with no narrator, only the music and songs.  Ideal for pupils to prepare for a concert, open day or parents visit.

There is also a pdf text file for each fairy tale with the script of the play for teachers and details about the sequence of the audio files. 

In the FREE RESOURCES tab there is a complete copy of the Teachers Handbook to help with lesson plans. This Handbook combines lesson notes for both the 8 fairy tales and the 8 folk dances (see next product).

Folk Dances

  • 8 European Folk Dances for pupils to learn.  Each dance can take several lessons in the classroom.
  • In the FREE RESOURCES tab there is a copy of the Teachers Handbook to help with lesson plans. This Handbook contains lesson plans for both these Folk Dances and 8 Fairy Tales  (see previous product).
Australian Percussion
  • This resource helps teachers who already have our large classroom size AUSTRALIAN PERCUSSSION coloured charts (8) for the 5 basic untuned percussion instruments - triangles, drums, castanets, cymbals and tambourines.  Many schools have these in their library but have lost the accompanying music or only have it on old fashioned cassettes..  We can help
  • AND this resource also helps those without the large classroom charts as we include for each song an A4 size reproduction of the chart showing the 5 colours for the 5 instruments. These reproduce quite well on a normal colour printer and can be given to individual pupils for them to follow a particular instrument  e.g blue for triangles.
  • 8 popular Australian songs e.g. Botany Bay, Click go the Shears.  See below full list
  • Music is played by a Bush Band.

 In the FREE  tab we offer a sample of the audio. You can either listen online or download a copy. 

 Also in the FREE tab is the complete Teacher's Handbook with lyrics, historical background and recorder scores. Useful for forward planning.

Pop Percussion


  • We can supply the MUSIC ONLY for the 10 songs in our Pop Percussion Set previously sold to schools. (To find it in the library it is a large full colour carton).  If you don't have the coloured untuned percussion charts, see if a nearby school has these and we give you permission to copy them out.
  • The charts also have a recorder score and guitar chords on the reverse of the untuned percussion charts.
  • Each music piece has a full band musical arrangement in different styles of pop music.  e.g. country rock, funk
Percussion Plus
  • We supply the MUSIC ONLY for the PERCUSSION PLUS untuned and tuned percussion set of 10 songs, previously sold to schools in large format coloured charts.. PLUS individual notes for each song when purchased..
  • If you dont have the full colour untuned percussion charts for pupils to follow, ask a nearby school if you can borrow them to copy.  We give you permission to do this
  • OR you can enlarge the untuned and tuned/recorder scores supplied with each song when you buy the music.  The untuned notes are in black and white only on A4 size but follow our normal sequence of 5 different colours on the stave for 5 typical untuned percussion charts.  You can reproduce for each pupil, or project the page onto an electronic whiteboard for the whole class to see.
  • You receive two versions of the music on MP3 audio. One in an easy key for singing and the other in an easy key for the recorder.
  • You also receive 2 extra audio files:  one a general demonstration of counting in the piece; the other a tuning notes guide for recorders and tuning for guitars on the E string from E6 to E1.
  • The accompanying Teachers Notes contain a teachers copy of the untuned percussion (in black and white) and recorder/guitar scores